I N N A T E C O R K 




\\C O N C E P T


A girl is born in an environment where her family for generations has been specializing in farming business. Precisely, Cork. She is different and has a very wandering mind. She loves her family but has an itch fitting into their business and their way of life. She for the longest time tells herself that it’s just a phase and everyone goes through it, but she soon realizes that the phase for her wasn’t diminishing. She later decides to let her mind meander through her heritage and find solace for her mind. 



\\I N S P I R A T I O N



\\M O O D



\\F A B R I C B O A R D



\\P R O C E S S 

Decision Process \\ Fabric Selection

Fabric Selection Process

I had to place my Inspiration images to stay true to the girls roots and her choices. This girl is stemmed to her roots despite her choosing a different path.



\\ T E C H N I C A L




\\F L A T S L I N E S H E E T



\\T E C H P A C K




\\F L A T S L I N E S H E E T